Boarding, $350 plus tax, includes:

  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Heated water in the winter outside
  • Turnout daily weather permitting
  • 10 x 10 matted box stall with saw dust
  • Once a day mucking
  • Grain fed twice daily
  • Hay fed twice daily
  • Supplements (in bags mandatory)
  • Fly masks/spray on and off daily
  • Deworming program (mandatory) billed separately
  • Night checks


Miscellaneous Services

  • Onsite Farrier- Ask for Price Details
  • Hold for vet or Farrier – $10
  • Blanket changes (winter months) – $50 a month

First Aid

Every time your horse comes in from turnout, they are thoroughly inspected for any nicks or scratches. If they do happen to sustain a scratch, you will be notified and their first round of basic First-Aid treatment is immediately given, on the house!

Additional Information:

  • Owners, Kristy & Curtis Ritzel live on premises
  • Outside trainers are welcome (with proof of insurance)
  • We use GVEC or Dr. Erica Hutton for veterinary services
  • We require proof of all vaccinations
  • Our barn hours are 9am to 9pm
  • (No dogs for insurance purposes)

Four Seasons Ranch Barn Policies

  • ASTM approved helmets are MANDATORY whenever mounted, no exceptions.

  • NO DOGS allowed on the premises.

  • NO ALCOHOL permitted on the premises.

  • NO SMOKING in or close to any of the buildings. Please dispose of butts properly, not inside the buildings.

  • NO LUNGING while lessons are being given. If you want to lunge while lessons aren’t going on, but there is a rider in the ring, you must ASK PERMISSION FROM THE RIDER FIRST!

  • NO BORROWING TACK without the permission of the owner.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own equipment and tack, Four Seasons Ranch is not held responsible.

  • Sweep up BEFORE AND AFTER your ride, in the aisle. You are required to pick up all manure, hoof droppings, and other dirt before you leave to ride and after you come back and untack.

  • No unsupervised turnout or free lunging of any horse allowed in the arenas. Supervised free lunging is allowed as long as you are courteous to the other riders wanting to use the ring. Be courteous and see if they need the ring; ask for their permission first!

  • Proper dress is required in the barn at all times. No spaghetti/narrow strap tank tops, bare midriffs, very short shorts or open toe shoes permitted! For riding, jeans or schooling tights, proper paddock boots or cowboy boots and half chaps, or tall boots, and ASTM certified helmets required.

  • Boarders are allowed one tack box, one bridle rack, and one saddle rack PER STALL. No using multiple racks per horse, as space is limited. All of your belongings MUST fit inside the tack trunk. No leaving any items outside, on, or around the box or tack room. Only one saddle pad, one back pad, one girth, and one saddle are allowed to be left out on each saddle rack. In an effort to keep the common spaces neat and uniform, any additional items left out will be removed and/or placed inside of your tack trunk by staff. Bridles must be hanging neatly and stored in a figure-8 fashion.

  • Please no phone calls or texts after 9PM (Emergencies only!)

Codes of Conduct

While being a part of the Four Season Ranch family, you are agreeing to adhere to codes of conduct which are consistent with the equestrian sport and industry standards. The clients and their horses are a direct reflection of Four Seasons Ranch, thus all clients must conduct their behavior in such a manner as to reflect good sportsmanship, horsemanship and care.

  • Practice proper ring etiquette. Left shoulder to left shoulder when passing, and politely call “heads up” if you’re approaching a jump and someone else is near it and not paying attention.
  • Treat other riders and their horses with respect. Absolutely no in-fighting or bad mouthing of other students, trainers, or barns is tolerated. Sportsmanship is mandatory!